Grani Antici

Abby Jones

Perché Grani Antichi?

I grani antichi non sono altro che varietà di grani del passato, rimaste originali e autentiche, vale adire, che non hanno subito nessun intervento di modifica genetica per aumentare la resa....

How it all began... by Abby

Abby Jones

It all started with a dinner... a 'how on earth can you live in Italy and not eat bread and pasta?' question, a book recommendation from a colleague - 'Wheat Belly' by William Davis to be exact -  and a little research led to a field full of wheat. I'm not celiac, i'm intolerant to wheat. I think half of Italy is now to be honest. The low glutine in the antique grain means that i can eat bread, pasta and cakes that i had just about given up eating as they made me feel so unwell. Not everyone can plant...