About us

We believe that eating our own produce and returning to a simpler way of growing and preserving food is key to our health and that of our children. The Fe family (Massimiliano, Mario, Rosanna, Raffaella, Abby, Dante and Maddy)
Antique grain Flour
Azienda Agricola Poggione began when at least 3 of us began to become intolerant to mass produced grains and grain products; pasta, bread, cakes, biscuits... anything with a high level of glutine. Massimiliano decided to experiment with a field of antique grains, Abbondanza, Verna and Gentil Rosso, local varieties that have not been genetically modified or altered.  Our first crop was sewn by hand, harvested with an old fashioned 1950s BCS, ground at a local mill in the Val d'Orcia and then made into bread baked in our own wood oven, nothing has ever tasted better!. Due to its low glutine content it is suitable for those who are intolerant to mass market grains. We now make the majority of our own pasta and bread produce and have dedicated a large part of the farm business to this product.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
With over 2500 olive trees we produce top quality extra virgin olive oil. We only use natural products to fertilise and protect the trees and the olives are picked using battery operated olive harvesters, its a labour of love but the results are worth it when you see the bright green oil. The olives are taken to a local mill in Sarteano where they are cold-pressed and bottled.
Vegetables and cooking sauces
Our once small vegetable patch now stretches over two fields and includes tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, cabbage, peppers, onions, salads, pumpkins and aubergines, to name just a few. We sell seasonal organic vegetables locally and Rosanna has recently created a collection of cooking sauces made to her own recipes to preserve and sell to the public as well as to consume ourselves throughout the winter. 
For additional information don't hesitate to contact us or visit us here in Tuscany.