How it all began... by Abby

Abby Jones

It all started with a dinner... a 'how on earth can you live in Italy and not eat bread and pasta?' question, a book recommendation from a colleague - 'Wheat Belly' by William Davis to be exact -  and a little research led to a field full of wheat.
I'm not celiac, i'm intolerant to wheat. I think half of Italy is now to be honest. The low glutine in the antique grain means that i can eat bread, pasta and cakes that i had just about given up eating as they made me feel so unwell. Not everyone can plant their own field of grain so we're lucky, we already had our own olive trees and the family has been producing their own oil for years but one thing led to another and now we have a farm.
The vegetable fields were a knock on effect, we have always had a small vegetable garden but now we have fields, nothing beats the taste of freshly picked, in-season vegetables and the security that what we are eating, and what we are giving to the children to eat, has not been genetically modified or sprayed with chemicals. 
Thats what we have bottled, packaged and prepared for you, simple and genuine, back to basics products that come from our Tuscan farm and are ready to go on the table. 

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